South Texas Legal Group is a firm renowned for getting their clients million of dollars in settlements. Joseph R. Echavarria is a highly sought-after Traffic collision with over 14 years of experience and a clean track record. Here are the top five reasons to seek legal representation in a car accident injury case:

  1. Legal guidance

It is not uncommon to suffer overwhelming amounts of stress after a car accident. This includes the struggle of coping with physical pain, emotional trauma, facing steep financial costs of medical bills and car repairs, losing a job, etc. Fighting for compensation amidst all of this can add to this discomfort. Hiring an experienced San Antonio auto accident attorney can take care of the legal aspects of your accident and prevent you from making costly mistakes. Our attorney, Joseph, can offer you trustworthy guidance and deal with insurance companies on your behalf, keeping your best interest in mind.

  1. Investigating your case

From determining liability to gathering valuable evidence in your case, it can all be too much work if you do not have legal knowledge or prior expertise. Our attorney can use a team of private investigators to gather critical evidence in your case, liaise with your treatment providers to collect medical documentation, and interview witnesses. An attorney knows what questions to ask witnesses, what kind of evidence to look for, and can prepare you on what to say and what not to say to the insurance adjuster.

  1. Protect your interests

A premier personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, TX, will look out for your interests and well-being and can appeal rejected insurance claims. Besides, San Antonio car accident lawyers can poke holes in the evidence brought on by the at-fault party and fight to recover a fair compensation. Our attorney keeps an eye out for the underhanded tactics and aggressive attempts made by insurance companies and protects his clients' interests at all times. An attorney's training, knowledge, and experience can prove to be an invaluable asset to your case.

  1. Calculating damages

Calculating your damages can be difficult as you have to factor in several consequences that you may face at some point because of the accident. Only a skilled attorney can assess and evaluate your economic and non-economic damages accurately and help you draft an appropriate demand letter.

  1. Completing paperwork

An attorney can prevent you from making errors on your insurance claim papers and help you file a lawsuit based on the statute of limitations. Moreover, filing a claim can involve a ton of complex paperwork and specific deadlines. Hiring one of our motor vehicle accident lawyers can help you write and submit paperwork, proofread your claim, and choose the perfect wording and approaches that can strengthen your case.

Call 210-320-5633 to book a free consultation with Joseph, the best spanish speaking auto accident attorney in San Antonio. South Texas Legal Group is a leading personal injury attorney firm with a commendable track record. Our professional and experienced attorneys can take care of the details of your claim while you focus on healing from the injuries after an accident. Contact us today to optimize your chances of winning a reasonable compensation.

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