Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Antonio

low view of street and auto accident with fallen motorcycle, motorcycle helmet, car debris, and car in the background

Millions of Americans from across the country enjoy riding their motorcycles. For most of these folks, riding is not just a hobby, but also a lifestyle. It is a unique combination of freedom of the road, combined with a community of friends and loved ones.

Unfortunately, with the love of riding comes vulnerability. Too often, those that simply love riding are subject to the negligence of other drivers which is where a motor accident attorney San Antonio comes in  . Drivers who were distracted, inexperienced or just plain irresponsible strike motorcyclists, causing irreparable harm. No matter how careful riders are, negligent drivers can cause motorcycle riders catastrophic injuries and even death. Even worse than just plain negligence, riders sometimes experience unprovoked aggression from passenger vehicles. These unprovoked attacks can have dire consequences for the rider.

Riders also face unique evidentiary challenges when involved in a wreck. As the party who, most often, takes the brunt of the impact, the rider may be transported to the hospital, unable to give their statement or version of events. This leaves the biker at a huge disadvantage in proving up their claim. Additionally, even if the rider is able to give his version of events, he may face bias against bikers from those investigating the scene. Occasionally, even if they have multiple witnesses in their favor, the investigator blames the biker. Instances such as these are just a few of the reasons it is necessary to have the right law firm and lawyer representing you.

A motorcycle wreck can shake the foundation of a biker’s world. Serious injuries in a motorcycle wreck can dramatically alter their quality of life, leaving them with mental, physical, financial and emotional damages. The lawyers at the Echavarria Law Firm understand that motorcycle wrecks present unique challenges for those injured. If you or a loved one is hurt in a motorcycle wreck, the lawyers at The Echavarria law firm have the experience and understanding to help. Contact us today (210)320-5633 for a free consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney. Also see truck Accident Attorney San Antonio