Personal Injury Attorney San Antonio

A lot of people are not quite sure what Personal Injury law is. Personal injury law is an area of law that falls under the category Tort Law. This area of the law covers losses, wrongs, or damages caused by the conduct, act, or omission of one party to another party’s body, property rights or reputation such as  an auto accident. The goal of injury law is to make you whole again, compensating you financially for the loss that others have caused.


The law of personal injury can be complex. The insurance company for the responsible party will do what they can to limit what they pay. They will actively work to diminish their insured’s responsibility, and in turn, what is owed to you. They will downplay your injuries to deny, delay and underpay you. At times, they will be extremely nice and offer small concessions to get you to settle quickly. At other times, they will be harsh or bully you into compliance. Ultimately, their goals is to get you to sign a release for as little money as possible. A release is a legal document that is an agreement that for a sum of money you release the insurance company and their insured from any further liability. The release ensures that you will not be able to sue either the company or their insured later. Once you sign a release it does not matter if you change your mind or discover other issues caused by the incident later. The case is over. Therefore, you need to speak to experienced counsel immediately after an incident. Protecting your right early on is essential to make sure you get a fair outcome.


We all have a tendency to diminish our own pain and what we are going through. Often injury victims think they do not want to complicate things by involving attorneys. Unfortunately, insurance companies use this mindset to limit your damages. Personal injury lawyers can protect and potentially compensate you for physical and physiological damages suffered as a result of personal injury. Types of damages include medical bills, lost wages, and future medical damages. Additionally, pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of consortium are types of damages that can be recovered.


Injury attorney work under a contingency basis. That means you never pay anything out of your pocket ever. Fees are only earned on a portion of the settlement if we are successful. Starting with the initial free consultation, our job is to make a stressful situation as smooth as possible. We can help with follow up medical care and, at times, advances as well as car rentals. There is never any fee unless we win your case and you never pay anything out of pocket. On any proposed settlement, we will present a full accounting along with a recommendation whether to settle or go to court. While we will guide you with our experience and knowledge, the client is the only one that can accept a settlement or reject it.


  • Wrongful death
  • Auto accidents
  • 18-Wheeler
  • Birth defects
  • Work injuries
  • Refinery injuries

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