After a car wreck it is extremely important to remember that the other driver’s insurance is not on your side. Many folks talk to the other party’s insurance in the hope they will be fair or do the right thing on their own. However, the reality is that insurance companies rarely do the right thing on their own. In fact, the insurance company of the person who hit you is an adversary in a process designed to limit your recovery. The insurance company will often take advantage of the situation, delaying necessary medical treatment, minimizing your injuries and, at times, misleading people about the how the claims process itself works.

Any time you discuss your claim with the other driver’s insurance, their objective is to pay you less than what your claim is worth. An adjustor’s entire job is to minimize the value of your case. When an adjustor is talking to you about the car wreck, they are gathering evidence against you. They may ask questions about how the accident happened or how you are feeling. The adjustor’s obligation is to their insured and they actively work to diminish their insured’s responsibility, and, in turn, how much they pay. Later they will use any information they gather to blame you for the wreck or claim that you are not really hurt. Often, they will try to convince you that you are fine, pains will go away and that you do not need counsel. They may even be very courteous and seem understanding. Other times, they will be rude, trying to bully you into an agreement. Please always keep in mind that their objective is to get you to sign a release for their insured and their company. Once they get this signature, the case is essentially over, regardless whether you have future damages, lose your job or have permanent injury.

Adjustors will sometimes say things to actively discourage you from seeking counsel. They will claim that lawyers will make things more complicated, drag out the process, or cost you money. Ultimately, the adjustors work for the insurance company and the person who caused the accident. They have experience in limiting the value of your recovery. It is only fair that you have an attorney working for you and your interests. The attorneys at the Echavarria Law Firm work actively to ensure you get fair compensation.