Work-related accidents can have terrible consequences. Medical expenses mount, income declines, and life quality depreciates. However, workers’ insurance may offer some protection, if a third party was responsible for your injury, there could be further compensation. Receiving payment for accident-related expenditures, lost earnings, and other losses require filing this claim.

You will be asked to disclose all pertinent details about the occurrence and the degree of your damages as an aspect of the case procedure. But experts say that you should have legal counsel to proceed effectively with the claim discussions, hearings, and court cases.

And we’re pleased to announce that we’re here to support you with your third-party claims. Construction harm accident lawsuits, offshore oil claims, house repairs claims, as well as statements for employees hurt on or off a workplace are all areas of expertise for our legal business. Several of our customers have workplace accidents in the development or service industries. All around the state of Texas, The Echavarria Law Firm takes matters involving workplace accidents and injury damages suffered at work sites.

What is a Third Party Claim?

There could be several professionals working on a building project at the same time. Even the construction manager might unintentionally badly hurt an employee from another craft in such a situation. It is known as a third-party claim. 

A third-party claim includes three parties. The insured person is the first party, while the insurance provider is the second party. A different person is the third party. So, anyone who is neither the insured nor the insurer can make a third-party claim.

Liability claims are the most typical third-party insurance claims. A third party may submit a lawsuit against your insurance provider if you are the reason for the crash on the motorway and the person in the other car is hurt.

In this instance, the wounded passenger can file claims for items that would not be protected by the insurance contract since there is no agreement between the insurance provider and the wounded traveler (a third party). Typically, they include items like hospital bills, lost earnings, and suffering and pain reimbursement.

Various Third-Party Claim Types

There are several work-related incidents that might give rise to a third-party lawsuit. Examples comprise:

Slip-and-fall Accidents

A slip-and-fall incident could be the subject of a property insurance lawsuit for the carelessness of maintenance management or a tenant who might or might not be your boss. You might be able to sue them as a third party if that’s the scenario.

Automobile Accidents

If you got injured while traveling for work, you would be eligible to sue the entity responsible for your wounds in addition to receiving workers’ compensation payments.

Accidents at Building Sites

Accidents at building sites are very frequent. You might be capable of filing a third-party lawsuit against a builder if you can prove that their carelessness caused your injuries, like if a subcontractor utilized subpar materials and structures.

Faulty Tools or Machinery

Flawed tools, unprotected goods, and similar mishaps can result in significant injury. You may be able to bring a third-party lawsuit against the producer if you can demonstrate that your ailments are the consequence of a faulty product.

Claim for Workers’ Compensation

A person may make a worker’s compensation claim if he gets hurt on the job. However, it is quite crucial to realize that the victim can potentially have a “third-party lawsuit.”
In addition to having the right to submit a worker’s compensation suit, a victim may also be able to bring a strong “third party complaint” to hold the irresponsible subcontractor, contractor, or
independent labor accountable for losses. This would involve a lawsuit against a corporation or an individual who was irresponsible on the work site and resulted in the worker’s injuries. The wounded employee has the right to sue the irresponsible employee’s firm as a third party. Our legal firm manages third-party lawsuits brought by hurt employees.

Benefits of Filing for Workers’ Compensation

Most of the time, a wounded employee cannot sue his own company as a third party. It is crucial to realize that a wounded employee may also be entitled to liability in a third-party lawsuit, supplemental to and apart from any reimbursement of worker’s compensation payments in whole.

The entitlement to receive worker’s compensation rewards for lost wages, medical costs, professional schooling, and all other advantages is not waived by someone who chooses to file a third-party lawsuit. Therefore, any employee who sustains an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, apart from a coworker, may file a third-party lawsuit. The wounded worker will then be able to receive the entire cash compensation that is due to them.

An affected person can obtain complete reimbursement through a third-party suit as opposed to worker’s compensation payments, which normally do not render a wounded worker completely. With the help of a third-party complaint, an affected person may be able to receive consequential damages for their misery and anguish, difficulties, lost chance of enjoying life, loss of facilities, mental and emotional despair, loss of togetherness from relatives, serious injuries, destruction, and other impacts.

How to Manage the Claim Process

The insurance provider will start looking into the accident’s details after you’ve submitted a claim. The case investigator may request a record of the police statement and a discussion with both sides. It is a crucial stage in the procedure that has to be dealt with by knowledgeable legal counsel. By handling this procedure alone, you run the risk of saying the incorrect thing or contradicting yourself and losing the reward.

To prevent this, you must opt for a skilled personal injury attorney from a reputable law company to provide after-accident competent and knowledgeable legal assistance.

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