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Car Accident Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Law: San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

The Echavarria Law Firm in San Antonio, Texas, is a legal professional who specializes in providing assistance and representation to individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. They help navigate legal processes, negotiate with insurance companies, and seek compensation for damages and injuries resulting from car accidents in the San Antonio area.

Following a car accident, having an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer in San Antonio is essential. They adeptly handle communication with other parties and their insurance providers, estimate damages accurately, and know precisely when to take necessary actions to protect your legal rights. In Texas, the fault-based system dictates that the driver responsible for the accident bears the financial responsibility for the resulting damages. This encompasses property damage and injuries. If you’re the victim, you have the right to seek compensation by either filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance or by pursuing a lawsuit against them.

Why Choose our Attorneys

Why opt for our legal team? We bring in-depth knowledge, a history of success without upfront fees, and an unwavering commitment to prioritize our clients. Car accident victims throughout Texas benefit from our complimentary case consultations. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a car collision, don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers at (210) 320-5633 for a free initial consultation.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, the initial steps are critical. Immediate medical attention should be a priority to ensure your well-being, especially in critical situations. Additionally, it’s essential to exchange crucial information with the other party involved and report the incident to the police, as required by law. Depending on the severity of the accident, reporting is mandatory if injuries, fatalities, or significant property damage occurred. Your statement to the police could be included in an accident report, potentially influencing legal proceedings. Equally important is seeking legal guidance from an auto accident attorney. They can assist you in navigating the process of filing an injury claim such as a animal injury within the mandated two-year period following the accident

Traffic collision

San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

San Antonio Auto accident attorneys , Thousands of people in South Texas are involved in a Traffic collision every year. Whether you’re a victim of a “minor” accident or something more serious such as a fatality; you should hire a Car accident attorney to protect your legal rights. An auto accident can lead to expensive car repairs, medical bills, life changing injuries, missed days at work or the inability to ever work again.

Truck accident

Commercial Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

Involvement of a commercial truck colliding with a smaller passenger vehicle can bring serious injuries and the possible death of a loved one. Commercial trucking accidents are also complicated because there may be more than a couple of parties involved who can be held liable. Our personal injury lawyer can help you with your claim so you may recover damages from the responsible parties involved. Truck Accident attorney 

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

Motorcycle accident is almost always end up with serious and life altering injuries. This may lead to insufficient insurance coverage of increasing medical expenses. Also, motorcyclists may experience bias from insurance claim adjusters. Let our personal injury lawyer handle your motorcycle accident.

Rideshare Accident Injury Lawyers

Ridesharing company  accidents can be complex depending on the case and accident! This may involve up to three insurance groups which include each driver’s private insurance and the rideshare company’s insurance. This can result in inadequate compensation for damages or multiple insurance groups attempting to offer you a low settlement. Let our rideshare accident attorney handle your rideshare accident case.

Bus Accidents

Have you sustained injuries as a passenger on a bus due to the bus driver’s negligence? You may be able to recover damages based on the negligence of the bus driver and the bus company. Hire a Bus accident attorney today.

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Dog Bite

Did you know approximately 4.5 million dog bites happen annually? Some of these Dog biting incidents required medical attention which can become very costly. A dog bite victim may be able to recover compensation for their injuries on the grounds of their owner’s negligence. Speak with a personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one suffered from a dog bite.

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Defective Products

If you or a loved one sustained injuries from a defective product due to design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure of warning or improper instruction on the use of a product, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case.  Defective products attorney San Antonio

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Wrongful Death

Have you lost a loved one in an accident due to another party’s negligence or reckless actions? This may include car accidents, manslaughter, negligence, Wrongful death etc. Speak with an injury attorney regarding your wrongful death claim.

Immigration Law:

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Family-Based Immigration

There are different ways to obtain lawful permanent residency through a family based immigrant visa. A U.S. citizen can file a Petition for Alien Relative to immigrate a spouse, children, parents, or siblings. Legal permanent residents can petition for a spouse and unmarried children for immigration in San Antoni tx. The petitioner can then help their family member obtain their green card through either adjustment of status or consular processing. Family Based Immigration San Antonio 

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Assistance for Undocumented Victims of Crimes

Certain undocumented individuals who have been the victim of domestic violence or other violent crimes may qualify to obtain legal status under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) or through a U-visa. An experienced immigration attorney can help a victim to “self-petition” and apply for certain immigration benefits to overcome the threat of deportation. assistance for undocumented victims of crimes

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Depending on your personal history and current situation, becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization can be a complicated process that involves much more than just passing a test. You may also be able to qualify for automatic citizenship through a parent. San Antonio Immigration Lawyers

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Employment Based Visas

If you are an employer seeking to bring certain foreign professional employees to the U.S. or you are a foreign investor looking to open or purchase a business in the U.S., there are many requirements under the law you must comply with to be successful in getting the visa you need. Employment based Visas .

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Green Card Renewals

If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, been detained or questioned by immigration officials, or spent a significant amount of time outside of the United States since getting your residency card, applying for your new card may not be a straightforward process. An immigration attorney needs to review your record to make sure you qualify to renew without facing a risk of being placed into deportation proceedings. Green Card Renewals.

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Motions to Reopen or Reconsider

Did you apply for a visa, residency, citizenship, or other immigration benefit that was denied by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? When a case is denied, USCIS will usually give you a very limited amount of time to appeal their decision. If you receive one of these denials, do not hesitate to seek help as soon as possible. An immigration attorney with experience in fighting these denials can review your case and assess how to respond to give you the best chance of reopening and possibly winning your case.Motions to reopen or reconsider.

The Echavarria Law Attorney Team

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Elizabeth Francine Echavarria was born and raised on the Texas-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas. She graduated from Del Rio High School in 1996. She completed her undergraduate career at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in December 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. After working for four years in the financial industry with Charles Schwab, she decided to pursue her law degree and enrolled in law school at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. During her time in law school, she worked with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid and the Bexar County Battered Women’s Shelter. Elizabeth graduated from St. Mary’s Law School in May 2007 with a Juris Doctorate and was licensed to practice in November that same year.Elizabeth began her legal career as a prosecutor for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office in 2008, where she worked until 2010. Since then, she has focused her practice on immigration law, primarily in the areas of legalization, citizenship, and work visas. During her career she has also been involved in pro-bono events to encourage and assist lawful permanent residents to become U.S. citizens. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and licensed to practice in the United States District Court of the Western District of Texas. Also Elizabeth Francine Echavarria speaks fluent spanish 

Joseph R. Echavarria 

 – San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawyerJoseph Rogelio Echavarria graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio, receiving degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice. In 2007 he graduated Cum Laude from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

Mr. Echavarria started his legal career by serving two years as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Bexar County. After leaving the District Attorney’s Office, he joined Carabin Shaw. Since then he has concentrated primarily on personal injury and automobile claims. Joseph Echavarria remains Of Counsel to Carabin Shaw.

In 2019 Mr. Echavarria became Managing Partner of the Echavarria Law Firm. He believes the mission of the Echavarria Law Firm is to help others through difficult times. He and His Wife, Elizabeth, have made sure their family-owned practice prioritizes client attention and care, making sure their family takes care of yours. See profile  Here

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