When you belong to a political group and the attacker or abuser is of another or competing political group, you could be eligible for asylum based on your ideological opinions.

Political viewpoint may take many different forms, including:

Imputed Political Opinion

There seem to be times when an aggressor causes injury to somebody based on a view or opinion regarding that individual, even though the belief is unfounded.

You could be entitled to an asylum when you were attacked or risk being mistreated because the aggressor believes you have a particular political position, particularly when you do not share that same viewpoint.

The primary question would be whether your persecutors were determined to hurt you because they thought you held a particular political viewpoint or was it because of your religion.

Union Activity

Suppose you feel you have been attacked (or risk being persecuted) because you are a union member. In that case, you might argue that the particular treatment was motivated by your political beliefs.

Trolls throughout many nations react towards those who belong to a union, seeing this as a political viewpoint.


Females are punished in some nations since they belong to feminist groups. One instance in a gender-dominated (mainly male) country would be a female assaulted whilst teaching young females about birth control.

Another instance may be females being assaulted or harassed for going to school in a society where the prevalent opinion is that females should never be taught.

Domestic Violence

It could be essential to establish that the persecution is linked to the political viewpoint when you are attacked for seeking to leave an abusive relationship or when you are assaulted or mistreated after expressing your political opinions.

Should you fail to cooperate with the typical partner’s demands, like wearing the veil, they may abuse you over that. Suppose the respective government allows or accepts spousal violence, especially openly condemning it might be considered a political viewpoint.

It’s worth noting that even in June 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed a court framework regarding domestic abuse victims as grounds for asylum, effectively shutting this option off.

Will My Political Asylum Case Be Taken Seriously?

Persecution must also be extremely severe to be eligible for asylum, including torture, human rights abuse, wrongful or political imprisonment, violent abuse, or imposition of significant psychological anguish. Persecution can also be defined as simple fears of damage when other persons or organizations in comparable situations have been persecuted.

What Should You Do in Case of Facing Political Asylum?

Political asylum claims are notoriously tough to win, particularly when you don’t have a competent lawyer on your side.

When you apply for political asylum, you should show that you can or will be injured should you come back to your native country because of your faith, political opinion, race, nationality, or participation in a social circle.

A skilled lawyer can assist you. A lawyer who already has handled political asylum claims before will understand precisely what you’ll require to substantiate your claim.

You should submit an application for asylum status within one year of coming to the U.S, irrespective of your present immigrant scenario, even when you’re in the country illegally, until you can prove that your situation has changed. You are no longer eligible for asylum.

Consult A Political Asylum Lawyer!

If you or someone you know has been at the receiving end of political opinion persecution, whether it’s domestic abuse, feminism, union activity, or imputed political stance, feel free to contact an  immigration attorney now. A skilled professional may be your best chance of getting justice!

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